It has been exactly one month since I first moved down here. Despite having been back home for a full 14 days of that, the time has allowed me to settle in, get a lay of the land, make some connections, and to come to terms with what I want out of all this.

This past weekend, I volunteered to judge a Master of Masters Garage Games Comp. It took place at fellow 2BB member, Brandon Brigman’s box. It was fun, helped me practice being sociable (which doesn't come easily to me in the small talk kind of way), and led me to meet a guy who could be a wonderful head coach. We’re meeting for coffee in a week to discuss perfect day stuff…and compatibility of goals. The chemistry is spot on…which allows for an openness and sense of trust that is a good foundation for establishing clear expectations. It feels a little too good to be true…so, I’m not holding my breath. But to meet someone with whom I’d actually want to work is rather exciting. And if nothing else, he will be a great connection.


Lease space visits are on the schedule for this week. Good options are tbd.


I updated the copy for my “Founders Club 100 Day Journey” FB Ad. It won’t go live until I’m under contract in a space…so, probably early March.


I recorded my first ever (inaugural) podcast. A friend of mine and I are hosting one another’s shows, so it was super fun…and I was more at ease than I expected myself to be.


The themes of the weekend were: Stop overthinking. Get moving. Take Action.

Rebecca Boskovic