Within our walls, these are the laws that govern:

  1. Above all-else there is love. No matter the heartache, love brings light to our lives

  2. The weak are to be protected. It is through proper guidance that our weaknesses can flourish into strengths. I make no space in my life for people who take advantage of the naive or vulnerable.

  3. We are all capable of change if we wish it to be. Of the many vehicles available to affect change, I find fitness to be one of the most effective . . . because we can harness the chemistry altering benefits of exercise as we also develop healthy self-talk.

  4. Our health is the most valuable thing we own. It is our responsibility to covet, protect, and nourish it.

  5. Be inclusive (yes, in direct contradiction to my claim in no.2 above about stiff arming jerks). Life is simply better when we include instead of exclude.

  6. Be truthful in word and action. It is far better to be disliked for who you are, than to be admired for what you’re not.

As our client, you will be cared for, supported, encouraged, stretched, and guided. As a result, possibly without even realizing it, you will find yourself becoming an increasingly better version of yourself . . . stronger . . . physically, mentally, and emotionally.

-Rebecca, founder and CEO