Our Story at The Fittest Me
is grounded in a single belief

. . . when we feel strong and powerful,
amazing things happen:

  • we are confident

  • we stand tall and walk with purpose

  • we achieve what we once thought was unachievable

  • we are the best version of ourselves

  • we take care of our relationships

  • we manifest our power potential

  • we claim and forge that which is most important to us

You see . . . I believe that each one of was born with our own unique Power Potential. As our God-given birthright, it can neither be taken away nor diminished. Yet, how we choose to act on that potential is up to us. To manifest it fully, our power must be forged through struggle, sacrifice, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and an embracing of its gift to ourselves and others.

My personal story includes many years of turning my back on my own power potential. The downside of that story is that there were a number of years when I lived out of step with my own strength . . . always trying to mute it or dim it. The silver lining is that I’ve learned what it takes to own it, and understand that it is never too late to claim our power potential and hone it in this world.

I’ve chosen fitness as the vehicle for bringing this message of empowerment to the world because it is simply the most effective route to manifesting the power laying in wait inside each of us.

Now, let’s get moving,

start sweating,

and release those endorphins

to help you become the person you were born to be.

-Rebecca Boskovic, founder and CEO