The Fittest Me Proclamation
is to help every person who walks through our door
to feel better living inside her own body.

Whereas the following are all true:

the majority of our Earth’s population does not engage in daily exercise

our population is aging faster than ever and has biological ages older than our chronological

it is scientifically proven that we can influence our lives towards increased longevity

stress management, functional fitness, and antioxidant/nutrient/vitamin-rich foods can reverse our aging cells

exercise increases our pleasure hormones to give us hope and improve our sense of well-being

confidence gained from exercise and improved health increases our self-esteem

exercise disrupts our negative self-talk and replaces it with euphoric positivity

achieving incremental successes creates a positive feedback loop that brings us back for more

depression, and anxiety afflict a significant portion of our population

exercise has been proven to reduce the symptoms related to many mental health diagnoses

any quality mental health prescription should include routine exercise

proper nutrition can improve our emotional, psychological, and cognitive functioning

most people continue to judge their own beauty relative to air brushed models in magazines

we can learn to see ourselves as beautiful by forging the strength and power already in us

that the first place to start to feel better, each and every day, is through movement

movement is a precursor to motivation, and are mutually inclusive to one another

the most important thing you can do is show up . . . to life, to your family, to exercise

once you’ve walked through that open door, everything else is a bonus

Therefore I, Rebecca Boskovic, founder and CEO of The Fittest Me, do proclaim that as my team and I minister to this world through the care of the physical, we also anticipate these benefits to permeate into your mental and emotional well being. And that as our thoughts and efforts reverberate throughout the world, and as we care for ourselves and one another, the stigmas and criticisms that fuel ignorance and fear will dissipate so that we can live in God’s pure expression of grace in LOVE.