Starting in the Garage

I hadn’t quite envisioned this part…but it makes sense. This little one car garage…approximately 1/4 the size of mine up north…is just enough space to keep my equipment, do personal training, and run some small group classes when the weather holds. At a $150/mo price tag, it’ll do just fine.


In speaking with the realtor hooking me up with the lease space, the nicer locations are going for twice what I can afford to pay. We’re broadening the search radius.


I’ve decided to fess up about my allegiance with CF. Usually when people ask me about what I’m doing down here, I tell them that I’m opening a gym. But of course that’s like a Rorschach test. Now, instead, I say that I’m opening a CF Box. It more quickly weeds out the bad seeds…and eliminates a ton of explanation…though it does now mean that my. speeches will need to address the assumptions made about CF.


I’ve happily put my roots down in one of the Toastmaster’s clubs…the third one on my list. It shows how important it is to shop until you find what REALLY feels right. The first one I visited seemed like a solid option, but I wanted to make an informed decision. In attending a meeting at the second club on my list, the president of the first club was also there…acting as a mentor. As I observed his mentorship style, it became VERY clear that I would not want to attend his club. He ended up being quite negative and small minded. Glad I headed that one off. The second club was no good either…because it had no structure…no consistency. The third one really was “just right”…structure with grace. I like that.


I’m heading back home in a couple days for what I hope to be the last time…until the BIG move. We’re celebrating my son’s fifth and my eldest 15th birthday celebrations. Love. Love. Love.

Rebecca Boskovic