Space Thoughts

This week I saw a couple spaces. They are both in the same shopping complex…next building over from a Fresh Market. It is an upper scale location: a unique Korean bbq restaurant next door that only serves food free from MSG/GMO; a network of boutique hair salon studios on the other side. The complex is surrounded on all sides by housing, and the main roadway that goes by has a good level of traffic…without being a gridlock that people will avoid.

  • One is 4000sqft and comes in at $7000/mo. The pros are that it is already set up as a gym, is move-in ready, and has enough space to allow me to sublet to other users: physical therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist. The downside is that it’s more than I want to spend.

  • The other is 1750sqft and comes in at $3600/mo. Pro is that this is closer to what I budgeted. Cons are that it still needs to be built out…to the tune of approximately $17,500…and that the ceilings are ugly…covered with some spray-on insulation that looks like mold.

I’ve visited the complex at different times of day and it always has a buzz. I also like that it’s a 9min bike ride from where we’ll be living.

I’ve received the letter of intent from the $3600 space…and waiting for the larger one.


Just got home from a 2-day drive…to celebrate my 5-year olds birthday. He made sure to point out that I already missed his birthday. This will be the best party at Check E Cheese I’ve ever been to.

Rebecca Boskovic