Software and Hires

This is my week for deciding if I want to stick with Zen Planner or switch to another software for processing payments and tracking revenue. With the recent increase from $80 to $100, it has me searching. Considering Wellness Living is the same cost but seems to be more intuitive than ZP is a promising start. I have software walk thrus tomorrow with them as well as MindBody (though I can’t imagine switching to MB considering how expensive they are).

I should hear back from the leasing company by tomorrow if they want to issue a Letter of Intent to me for the 4000sqft space. For it to work, they’ll need to be open to do some type of graduated rent…ramping up over the 36 months…and be very flexible on the pricing. I think of what Chris said about “if there’s dust collecting in any part of the room, it’s too much space”…and know that at first that would probably be the case. Only a really good rate would warrant going that route.

I’m going twice this week to where one trainer runs classes…for me to see him in action and get a sense of his style. In the meantime, I’m placing ads for coaches as well as a part time personal assistant.

The thing I’m most focused on, however, is creating content. Another insight I gained from Chris this week was that to be a leader, I need to shout “Follow me!” Until now, I really haven’t been doing that. It’s already in the works to change all that.

Rebecca Boskovic