A First


Before this week, I’ve never driven a 15’ truck before…nor towed a car. But now that I have, I'll want a pickup for my next car. I wasn’t so crazy about the noisiness and carting thousands of pounds of metal over the foothills of TN. What I did like, however, was that I wasn’t at the level of the semi trailer’s axels. Also, by having some extra space behind me, the trucks couldn’t ride my rear and bully me through intimidation. So, yes…it was a good trip overall.


I have seven Toastmasters meetings scheduled for the coming week, so that I can find a club that I like. It will also give me seven opportunities to speak extemporaneously for 2 min at each meeting (“Table Topics”). The one I attended today was a good fit. Could stop there…but I might as well seize the opportunity to spread the word of The Fittest Me…and build connections.


My realtor finally turned me over to her head broker to help me find a lease space. He’s showing me options early next week.


It’s tough to gain traction here with trips home. I’ll take another one next week for my son’s birthday. After that, I’ll need to stay put.

Rebecca Boskovic