Go Lean

In consideration of wanting to be conservative as I get a footing, I went ahead and grabbed a $150/month garage in my apartment complex to start training. They have a “fitness center”, but it’s quite tight of space and light of equipment.

To get my stuff down there, I’m leasing a 15’ UHaul. It’ll probably take me most of Monday to load up all those 100lbs horsestall mats and the rest of my equipment…and head out Tuesday.


Since first hatching this plan, I’ve stumbled across many blocks that test my resolve and resourcefulness. For one thing, we have a fair amount of financial stress in our household…including some outside factors that are making it difficult to sell our house.

I know that the faster I kick, the sooner I’ll reach the shore…and that checking for sharks will only slow me down. Cultivating stoic fearlessness is top on my list.

Rebecca Boskovic