The Obstacle

It’s true…the obstacle IS the way.

Right now I have lots of them…nearly all internal.

I anticipated this would happen…so, I gave myself permission to NOT act. Although there’s plenty to be done…searching out lease space; spying on other boutique gyms; setting up speaking engagements…there’s some reckoning that has to take place first.

Last night as I went to sleep, the obstacle was deep loneliness. It felt kind of like being home sick…but it was larger than that. It was a feeling that I’ve been avoiding for a long time. To face that obstacle without drowning it with some distraction was big. It prompted me to reach out to my husband today and commiserate on our new roles and challenges. I also socialized with some people in the gym complex tonight (whereas I might have remained more detached otherwise). The ensuing power of letting myself feel lonely…is a drive for connection…which I need for my business to thrive.


Although I know that the time will come TO act…it’s not yet.

How often do we give ourselves the space to allow an unfolding to take place? Sometimes space, time, and money demands don’t allow for that luxury. Yet,the truth is that if I DON’T allow for it, I’ll have a train wreck on my hands. That said, I’ve given myself the rest of this month to get my habits, intentions, voice, and power in line. Without those in sharp focus, my business will be a jumble of the advice of others…and lacking the cohesiveness of my vision to unite the parts that make sense to me.

With a nod to “Clockwork”, I can see my QB Role coming into clearer focus.


Progress: I began updating my website with my new address. My apartment complex lets me train others out of their gym…so, that’s the address I pinned. It’s the first time I’ve committed to being here by advertising the move.

Rebecca Boskovic