Habits & Clarity

Yesterday was about getting my stuff unpacked, organized, and getting grocery items to cover the week.


My habits over the past few months have become nearly non-existent…or rather, my habits have become about reacting and feeling overrun by others’ needs and the demands of parenting. At the top of my list from this point forward is forging habits that support my health and allow me to function at a higher capacity than I currently am.

It does beg the question of whether or not I’ll be able to build a business while keeping these key habits in balance. Or, perhaps it’s the opposite…will building a business even be possible without those steady, consistent, and supportive habits.

In an effort to make habits that I’d see through…I am writing down only what I actually do (rather than what I think I should do). I put it on a sticky note, and place that on my wall. So far I have 7 habits that with each day of completion, I’ll move the sticky note over a space on the wall. By the end of 2 weeks, the successful habits will run out of space. The less successful habits will either get canned for not being necessary, or those will be the ones requiring more effort and discipline.


What I have learned about myself today is that many of my poor habits are avoidance based. Specifically, with these proper habits being developed, there is a distinct urge to overrun certain feelings with excess: overeating, technology distractions, busy work, clutter. Without those things, there is a letting go. This is that moment when it’s really clear that what we are most afraid of is indeed not death…but life.

Rebecca Boskovic