A Room with a Southernly View

I realized last night that regardless of whether or not my hosts thought I was outstaying my welcome, it was time to move on. It’s amazing how quickly a mind can go from “maybe my hosts would let me pay them rent so that I can stay here” to “I’m willing to pay a few hundred dollars over budget if it means finding a safe, clean, friendly, private apartment”.


This apartment search gave me interesting insight into the sales process. After visiting 6 apartment complexes…it took the final one for me to finally get to my real “why” for an apartment. It’s not as if I was hiding that information intentionally…but when the leasing office would ask me what I was looking for in an apartment…I’d say “something within budget that I can have on a short term lease.” But it was only once I stood in the specific apartment I chose that it struck me: “south facing & large windows” and flooring that doesn’t cut off my field of vision (meaning the hard wood floors didn’t get cut off with carpeting). Who would ever come up with that stuff…unless they had actual really listened to my WHY of moving to Georgia: “Sunlight”…which I told each and every one of them…but none of them actually picked up on it. Yet…that is THE reason I chose this room.

As gym owners in the sales process (NSI), we are more of a guide than a nice interrogator. We humans often don’t even know our true Why until we explore a bit. In fact I met with a potential client before I’d left to whom, after she’d shared her story with me, I asked her that important question: “so, after you’ve done all this work and gotten to where you want to go…how will your life be different?” After speaking of her ability to travel with more comfort (she’s currently around 400lbs)…she began to cry and said “you’re on to something there. Here I thought that I didn’t like to travel…whereas I love traveling, but want it to be more comfortable.”


Glad to be done with this initial apartment hunting task. First thing tomorrow I’ll actually move in…and start getting set up to make daily habits stuff happen.

Rebecca Boskovic