The Habit Wall


Being a visual thinker, I’m loving my open wall space. The wall opposite to this one is covered with all my business plans. This one, however is designated for one thing…my habits.

Here's how it works…my habit of adding new habits:

  1. I take action on something that creates order and is healthy.

  2. Once I’ve actually finished the task, I can add it along the left column.

  3. With each day that I accomplish it, the sticky note gets moved over one column to the right.

The interesting thing, is how completely effective it is. In fact, so far only once did I add a habit and it never move over. The reason? …I’d broken my own rule...and added it to the wall before actually doing it. This world of ideals is so easy to live in. Yet we all know that it’s in the doing where life really happens.

Some of my habits seem elementary…yet I don’t want to assume any habit is beneath being written down. So, along with making my bed, and having time for self-care (aka taking a shower), I am now the proud action taker of nobler habits. I: clean my dishes immediately after eating; have a place for everything and put things away when not being used; as soon as I notice feeling anxious, move; check my personal and business bank accounts daily; exercise at least 30 minutes per day; mediate 5+ minutes in the morning; and drink one cup (and no more) of matcha tea before 10:00am. My ultimate goal is that these habits will be so ingrained by the time I open my business and my family moves down with me, that the well worn grooves will be deep enough to withstand the turbulence of a busy life.


Today has been social media mania day. With the help of a friend (it’s actually my one exchange…fitness and nutrition for video and content publishing), I’ll have a calendar for the year completely set up with content being disseminated through FB, IG, Twitter, etc. But of course I have to create it first. After a solid four hours of writing today, I’m about 20% done. I’ll appreciate not having to think about it while focusing on other tasks.


I’m tidying up my image too. At least around town, I can dress fairly casual (my aunt told me (with a laugh) that she loved my coat. When I asked her what it made her think of, she replied affectionately: “a peasant girl”). I’m a gym owner / athlete type, right? I’m allowed. Alas…not if I want to come across professionally. So, I scored two Lululemon fitness “jackets” for a final sale…and I’m feeling much more approachable. One’s for around town, and the other looks like a blazer for my presentations.


And best of all, I’ve discovered the fun of a microphone, headset, and garage band. Woot!

Rebecca Boskovic