Talking with Myself

Today was full throttle…eight full hours of practicing, recording, writing, and rerecording my speech. I’ve been making notes for the past two weeks, and they’d been gestating. It felt great to actually speak those words and own the message.

In addition to speech opportunities, this content is great fodder for podcasts.

I’d bought a mic and headphones…and they are turning out to be some of the most useful tools…specifically in terms of listening to how I speak, and what I want to change.


My week is all planned out: contact/find lease space; drop in on at least one CF box per day…three being Two Brain gyms; visit some local schools to decide which are best for my family; and then on Friday drive home to stay for a full week.


My habits are holding strong…and even added a new one today: eat only when hungry.


Although my husband is embracing his new role as lead parent, I realized today some ways that I can help him from afar. Or, more accurately, how I can help my oldest daughters.

One is dealing with a bout of depression…made extra challenging by me being gone. For her I give her small tasks to accomplish. Today was a 5 minute breathing exercise. Tomorrow…to note 3 habits she already does that support her health.

As for my other daughter who deals with anxiety…I keep her moving forward through tasks around her room that I know will help her feel less overwhelmed. Today was about getting her laundry done.

These acts will help them…and will make them more available and helpful to my husband. It will also help us maintain our closeness.

The insights I’ve already gained, in just a week of living alone, into how our family needs to operate going forward has been priceless.

Rebecca Boskovic