An Obstacle

I knew going in that the biggest unknown about this whole thing would be the “where”…the space itself.

This is one reality that needs to materialize before magic can take place.

Around here there are lot of 20,000+ sq ft facilities and tons of boutique storefront options…but that sweet spot of 1500-3500sq ft is a bit tricky.

Out of the eight places I found today that might work:

  1. one was in a complex with another fitness PT/small group guy who has a non-compete clause in his lease agreement to keep people like me out.

  2. two were 8000 sq ft and $2500 over budget.

  3. another had $28/sq ft pricing

  4. and yet another two closer to $18/sq ft

  5. still waiting on a call back

  6. and the one that is closest to what I could use, my realtor informed me is too difficult to access during busy traffic…and they’re widening the road over the next three years.

The obstacle IS the way.

My mind is searching.

So far along this whole journey, each time something tried to get in my way, I’ve found a solution, a work around, or modified the vision.

That’s where I’m at.

It’s still early.

Rebecca Boskovic