Ox True

I spent the early day in Atlanta proper…with OxFit’s owner Ant Oxley.

After the killer 100 strict presses with 10 pushup upon each break (which I scaled to 75 and 7)…I had the opportunity to see his two new developments at the other side of town. He let me hammer him with tons of questions and share some of my current business concerns. Besides his cool backstory of having been a professional basket player…up to something like last year…he’s a great example of someone loving what he does and only doing what he loves. He might not be exactly where he can call himself retired…but this guy is living his perfect day.

After enjoying some lunch with a friend of mine who I’ve reconnected with…I shot back to my apartment for a nap and then 5 hours of sketching, deciding, and committing to my vision.

I’m now ready to act on what I want…how it will look, how much I’ll charge, what the founding member offer will look like…and how the days will be structured in terms of classes and my time for business stuff.

I also now know what my three streams of income are going to be…and am confident I can pull it off.

There’s nothing like someone reminding you to throw out the book. Thanks Ant.

Rebecca Boskovic