Don't Mistake Ease for Grace

Fitness model

Fitness model

CrossFit Athlete and Coach Elisabeth-Akinwale

CrossFit Athlete and Coach Elisabeth-Akinwale

We've all done it . . . fallen for the allure of the ideal/model/best of something. Perhaps you're into sports and have been starry eyed for an athlete who can do no wrong.  Or, it's a favorite politician.

In my line of work it's the fitness gurus. Have you heard of her? Have you seen him? They tend to have certain traits in common:

  • under the age of 30
  • perfect skin, muscle tone, and genetics
  • a FB or Instagram following in the 10,000s or 100,000s
  • some promise of success that matches theirs
  • a gadget, a potion, a program that is going to make the impossible . . . possible

Herein lies the error. Our brains mistake that ease for grace. We think, "if they've achieved this, they must have the key to the black box." We think that they know something we don't. It's a gimmick that's been around since the beginning of time. And we fall for it again and again because we want to believe that we can achieve grace the easy way.

This is not grace. This is called ease . . . and we're talking their ease, not yours.

Then there is the flip side . . . where we discount the efforts of those who have put in countless hours to hone their craft and build their legacy. There are the sports figures who have put in their time and don't take their success for granted. Or, politicians who are actually civil servant.

In the fitness world, these aren't "gurus", they're called coaches or trainers. These people are interested in results. These are  traits you'll often find in skilled fitness coaches:

  • some type of life hardship that draws them to helping others
  • impressive yet imperfect physiques
  • a FB or Instagram following of less than 1,000
  • no promises of anything besides helping you become your best
  • they're avid listeners and are called to help their clients' achieve better health

And although they are prone to making their efforts seem effortless . . . their success has not come with ease. In these cases, what you are witnessing is called grace.

You get to choose how to create better health in your life. One option is to take the easy path to who-knows-where.

Otherwise, through effort and striving, you can build both strength and grace.

We are looking for members who are willing to put in the effort and know that the fun is in the doing . . . in the showing up. Become our member to be part of a supportive and fun community that builds fitness the old fashioned way . . . through hard work, sweat, and a high five when you're all done.

- Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic