Joy to the World


Dear S.,

Life has been difficult to you. Family gained through marriage has placed you in difficult situations you never bargained for when saying "I do". Financial, emotional, and time drains became yours in union.

You came to me and asked, "can you make me feel better? can you take away my pain? can you bring back my youth?"

My answers, "yes, yes, and yes . . . with your help." 

  • Can we work together to get your physique back? Yes . . . and maybe even make it better than before.
  • Can we work together to reduce your physical pain? Very likely . . . with strength training and mobility work.
  • Can we work together to help you feel better emotionally and in terms of self-image? You bet. I know of nothing more positive for our self-image than gaining strength while benefitting from the wash of positive hormones of exercise.

The fact is, if you put in the work, these answers will come. As long as your expectations make space for what seems impossible, then a transformation is likely.

Then you ask: "Ok, but can you help me regain joy in my life?"

My answer: "Yes, if you're willing."

See, this will most likely happen once the first three questions are fulfilled. Because, even though it's true that joy is a choice that eventually requires a letting go . . . through consistent exercise and healthy eating, you almost can't help yourself.

Joy is a spring that needs to flow freely. If you try to contort, control, or manage it, the bubbling will go underground. Instead, you need to allow it to exist, and make space for it in your life.

And how do you do this? To begin, eat well and get regular exercise. Without these two critical components to your health in tact, your joy is less able to flow freely. 

If there's such a thing as a fountain of youth, you will find exercise, whole foods, and joy at its source. Especially in union, they nearly erase (or at least render imperceptible) the signs of stress, pain, heartache, and age.

The first two are the physical gateways for the third. Once that physicality is taken care of, the joy can more easily express itself . . . in a way that is truly timeliness . . . that transcends the physical world.

Come to us . . . and we'll help you rewrite the story of your life . . . from a story of pain to one of liberation . . . and one that you'll always carry around with you . . . in your body, mind and heart.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic