Love . . . as Thyself


From where I stand, most people do a decent job of enacting the second commandment to "love thy neighbor".

You can see it:

  • with a smile and a wave
  • extra snow removed with a new snowblower
  • a meal for the elderly or sick

Yet, what about the "as thyself" bit?

From where I stand, most people could use some shoring up when it comes to the second half of this commandment.

You can see it:

  • quick to discount our efforts
  • wave off compliments as general kindness
  • putting off our self-care

To take care of others, we really must take care of ourselves first.

Simple steps towards self-care:

  • be kind to yourself in word and deed
  • surround yourself with those who care
  • eat whole foods as often as possible
  • drink more water and less caffeine
  • get enough sleep
  • exercise daily

We're best able to help those we love when we take care of ourselves.

Love Thyself.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic