Strength for Life

“Strength does not come from winning.

Your struggles develop your strengths.

When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Consider the single most difficult thing you’ve ever had to do.

Was your struggle physical,

Did it demand your strength to forebear?

>> I ask even while already knowing the answers:

“yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” <<


You see, none of our challenges in life are one dimensional. The strengths in one area, inform, influence, and lift up the others…just as any weaknesses can create drag.

And yet, based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quote above, he’d probably argue that if we really want to achieve strength, we’re better off spending some of our time struggling through our weaknesses than always focusing on winning at what we’re already good at.

I spent my 20s and 30s doing just-enough at traditional gyms . . . changing things up only when bored.

Once I became challenged by workouts that took me outside my comfort zone in my early 40s . . . I discovered that it was the part about showing up every day and focusing on one rep at a time (rather than worrying about the whole workout) where the strength was forged:





Again . . . let me repeat:

*** It was the act of SHOWING UP day after day that gave me bragging rights. ***

After that . . . everything else came with time. The conditioning, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy . . . these are the fruits you cannot help but to achieve, simply by showing up.


Here’s what I learned:

  • If your goal is to confidently take off your cover at the pool, show up

  • If your goal is to have well-defined arms that you can leave uncovered, show up

  • If your goal is to jump out of bed each morning with boundless energy, show up

  • If your goal is be around for your grandchildren’s weddings, show up

Strength for Life means a number of things, but it all starts with . . .

Showing up

  • for your personal training session

  • to your HIIT class

  • for your goal session

  • and . . .

    * Showing up for Life *

We’re creating a culture and community that is so strong

that you will be missed if you don’t show up.

I’ll notice.

The coaches will notice.

Your comrades will notice.

Why? Because in addition to the fact that we care . . . we KNOW that you showing up is the single most important habit towards achieving your goals for:

  • feeling carefree in your bathing suit

  • being unselfconscious in those tight jeans

  • taking on your day with energy

  • enjoying your family and friends for many years to come

  • belonging to an incredible community that takes you as you are today

The answer is simple . . . yet it’s not easy.

Which is where WE come in. We make what feels unachievable . . . achievable.

How you ask? . . . stop in and we’ll show you how.

You are poised for success!

Join us now!

Coach Rebecca

[This photo was taken of me nearly five years ago, doing a special workout named “The Murph”. Over the course of a year, I shaved 25 minutes off my time . . . simply by showing up more days than not.]

Rebecca Boskovic