Power Potential

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

- Frederick Douglass

Power is electricity.
Power is energy surging in one direction.
Power is the application of our strengths in achieving a goal.


Have you ever felt powerful?

Have you known at the deepest core of your soul that you possess a truth/insight/viewpoint that lives outside the realm of opinion?

Have you then aligned your mind and body with this knowledge to see through a task that has great meaning to you?

I believe that we all have a power potential lying in wait inside us . . . a God given gift that is uniquely ours to serve and minister to our world. And that although the birthright is irrevocable, what we do with it is our choice. We can choose to hone it, forge it, and utilize it for a purpose that lines up with our values. Or, we can tease it along, ignore it, and cast it aside . . . .


In the past three months, in my quest to open our new fitness studio in the greater Atlanta area, I’ve been wrestling with my own power potential. The struggle has been a deeply spiritual one . . . that has lead me to a place I never would have expected . . . one of atonement.

Atonement? For what, you might ask?

For having forsaken and turned my back on my power.

What I’ve realized is this: although we get to choose how we manifest our power potential in this world . . . the gift itself is not of our choosing, and therefore, is not ours to reject.

I know . . . it’s heavy . . . especially for a first post on a newly updated website. And yet, I share this because it is at the heart of everything I’m doing in this adventure to bring fitness to a broken world.


You see . . . every step over the past three months has been uncomfortable: driving away from my home in Illinois; separating from my children and husband who are my life; to travel 800 miles to live in a city where I knew no one personally; to open a fitness business with no established connections. What I have come to realize is that this whole endeavor is beyond me . . . greater than me.

The gift and power I’ve received, falls under the umbrella of raw strength. By God’s will, I’m armed with a steely eyed quality that manifests as a willingness to try just about anything. As long as there’s a good enough reason, I’m game. And for me to deny that strength, to withhold it from the world . . . is something to atone for.

And THAT is what I’m talking about with our Power Potential. It’s a power so great and beautiful and full of light that to hide it is an act of selfishness.

If you already know what yours is, let it shine into the world.

If you are unsure, ask yourself this question:
what is it that NO ONE can take away from you?
What is that ONE thing that you do so effortlessly, that it would take more energy to NOT do it?

That is your power potential.


The Fittest Me exists for this simple reason:
I believe that when we embrace and manifest our power potential in this world,
amazing things happen . . .
and that fitness is the most effective way to get you there.


My wish for you is that you take this power potential and spread it in this world with love.

Because I guarantee the world is waiting for you.

We are waiting for you.

-Coach Rebecca

p.s. please reach out if you need anything

Rebecca Boskovic