Siren Song

“Fear is the greatest gauge for the things you value the most.”  - Meredith T. Taylor

I once insisted that the uneaten cookies/cake/ice cream/insert-sweet-food would call me from the corners of our kitchen for me to eat them. Morning, evening, middle of the night. Inside the house, outside in the yard, on a night out. The unmistakable voice of a food waiting to be eaten could travel through space and time. . . and was ever present . . . until it no longer was.

Destruction through consumption was the only cure.

As for the other members of our household . . . they were deaf to the call.

Not me.

As long as the food was around, it was…

a constant tapping on the shoulder…

an incessant nagging…

a relentless call to still the beast.

Yet, it required strategy, stealth, and cunning.

To silence the song meant that no one else could be around, the evidence had to be destroyed, and that there was a willingness to act as if nothing had transpired.

For to act powerless to the seducing call of a false promise . . . even if for only a moment of relief . . . is a moment of shame. And once the deed is done, there’s no un-doing. All you can do is hope that no one will remember the food that once was.

Yet, we are of noble blood. We descend from a lineage of moral right and wrong. So, no matter how much we rationalize our actions, we know when we are living a life of deceit.


If you can relate, I empathize with your struggle.

It’s hard enough to suffer the call of temptation . . .

but to have to do it alone and in hiding . . . that takes it to a whole other level.

I’ve been facing off the siren’s song for a number of years now.

As a result, I have learned a thing or two about how to keep it at bay . . .


  1. Control your environment by not allowing siren foods into your house. You know what they are. Don’t buy them.

  2. See your will power as being as tamable as a wild lion. It will eat what it’s hungry for (physically or emotionally)…not what you’ve told it is healthy.

  3. Go back to #1 - Control your environment. The rule goes like this . . . you will eat what’s in your house . . . good or bad. Make it good.

And at the end of the day . . . take a few deep breaths . . . ask for forgiveness from God . . . and allow yourself the peace of knowing that tomorrow is another day. Remind yourself that you’ll keep fighting until you are no longer a slave to desire . . . but empowered by choices that nourish your body and connect you to God.

Reach out if you need help.



Rebecca Boskovic