To bottle up and distribute the energy and positive attitude of this amazing couple, would yield a happier and healthier world. 


Whether jet-set to watch a set of grandkids, volunteer ski patrol in the Rockies, or simply enjoy a family vacation, Rhonda and Don are always moving towards their next adventure. It must then be for the love of life that they still manage to fit in exercise and healthy eating.

Don's only formal exercise experience was an Army Bootcamp in 1966. Otherwise, in addition to skiing, he and Rhonda enjoy walking, hiking, and biking.

In Rhonda's case, she fell in love with the community and structure of Curve's Fitness Center, and has been a committed member for over 16-years.

As parishioners of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, where the classes are held, they learned about 2nd Wind through the church bulletin. Their interest piqued, they've been dedicated members ever since . . . especially enjoying the convenience of location and time. In fact as long as they're in town, I can count on seeing them at class 2x/week.

The benefits they note from their regular attendance include improved form in doing household/yard tasks, as well as feeling better in the squat position when skiing down the powdery slopes. Don has also improved his flexibility with "no pain but lots of gain!"

I asked them what they like about the 2nd Wind class:

"Number one, we are still going. Always stimulating, never boring, not repetitive in always doing the same things."

"No frills down to business workout. Yet coaching to correct you to get the most benefit out of the exercise."

"Friendly, encouraging exercise no matter what your fitness or mobility level is. Makes you want to do your best."

Keeping the bar high for all the participants, Don and Rhonda take full advantage of every class to get the best workout possible.

Many thanks to both of you for setting such inspiring examples of health and wellness while enjoying the journey!

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic