Without hesitation, when I asked what scenery Susan would like to replace a photo of her, she spoke of the ocean. A passionate and sensitive person, her facial muscles relaxed as a smile appeared in showing me the video below from a vacation she'd taken with her husband.

Artist Dwayne Schmidt

Artist Dwayne Schmidt

After a childhood of positive associations with being active: bike riding, roller skating, soccer, and jumping rope . . . she had to set that part of herself aside in her early adult years. With little warning, she found herself in a survival free fall. Her growing discomfort from a very unhealthy relationship spun her into low self-esteem and high anxiety. She learned to ask for nothing as a way to appease and modulate this abusive relationship. Fortunately, she had the wisdom and courage to extricate herself from that relationship. Yet healing takes time.

Now in a healthy relationship with her current husband, she has spent the past seven years processing, reframing, and growing out of that phase of her life defined by self-neglect and pain. Now she is supported in her strength so that she can actually consider doing the extra stuff for herself. 

Although personal training was a possibility in the general sense, it wasn't until she found out about our garage gym studio that she realized it would be the perfect opportunity to get in shape while having the benefit of an extra set of eyes to check her positioning and form. But what really made it doable was in learning that we embrace people dealing with emotional sensitivities. She told herself at that moment: "That's my tribe!" Since beginning her training two months ago, Susan is already on her way to achieving her goals of increased strength and flexibility.

As to her experience so far, what makes our studio different . . . in her words: "You're a specialist. I'm sure you could train anyone . . . yet, you factor in the emotional component. You understand that you can't separate the mind and body. I knew right away that we'd connect". 

Susan . . . your gentle and kind strength coupled with your anxiety and struggle are like the tide . . . beautiful complexity built around patterns.  I look forward to seeing your personal, emotional, and physical expansion as the depth of your power is developed and celebrated.

- Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic