Robi is in her last week with me. After Saturday she will join a standard gym. We knew from the beginning that she could only commit to six weeks of training with me, and then she'd need to find another outlet. It has been my honor to work with someone who is so dedicated to making time for herself. Going forward, we'll see how our paths might stay intertwined:

  • Perhaps she'll utilize my remote coaching services if the endless options of a gym environment prove too difficult to manage on her own.
  • A periodic personal training session to refocus could be useful.
  • Or even a food habits check-in if, in the very unlikely event, she ever wavers from her steely-eyed determination to eat well.

If nothing else, she'll send me videos of her improvements, and I'll get to have tea with her every year to catch up.

Six weeks filled with lots of hard work, and even more laughter . . . it has been my pleasure to work with you, Robi. 

Rebecca Boskovic