To know Robi is to know a devoted and loving wife and mother, a loyal employee and co-worker, and a fiercely determined woman. Any one of those traits in a person is enviable, but all together, she's quite awe-inspiring. 

Over the past four weeks she has channeled her single-minded focus to improve her health . . . and has made it happen. Whether it's the modifications of her eating habits, insistence on maintaining her exercise routine, or the additional work she does at home . . . she has integrated all these new habits into her life . . . quickly and thoroughly.

And it shows. In less than four weeks, she has increased her plank hold from 1:52 to 2:42, and her hollow hold from :51 to 1:22. Some other performance victories include running a 100m sprint, and a powerful 200m run. She has also lowered her pushup incline by well over a foot, and her ring row feet position by a few inches.

She came looking to be more toned. And with all these strength gains, that has happened naturally. 

However, where she feels the greatest differences are: in terms of the amount of energy she has; and in how she feels about herself. And she attributes these improvements to her new food choices. She has cut out starchy carbs, added vegetables to every meal, and makes sure to include a carbohydrate, protein, and fat in each of her meals.

Instead of feeling sluggish and using food as a way to deal with stress, she is full of energy and can't imagine ever wanting to go back to her prior ways of eating.

And instead of looking in the mirror with distaste, she is amazed at how she looks . . . feeling beautiful for the first time in 20 years. Yep, you read that right . . . feels more beautiful at 47 than 40 or 35, or even 30. THAT is the power of food and exercise.

Robi's story is an inspirational one. She figured out the silver lining to her doctor's ultimatum, and out of it, created a new, more energetic, and beautiful life for herself.

Rebecca Boskovic