A Letter of Hope


Dear Friend, 

How are you feeling today?  I am doing well in recent days, however, that was not always the case.  I have felt defeated, anxious, and unhappy with my choices but now I’m on this journey of HOPE.  

I’m so excited that I’m getting ahead of myself!  Let me start somewhere near the beginning.

We were born into families that for generations were overweight/obese.  We settled on that mindset and accepted our fate. If our grandparents, parents, siblings and other family members were this way, we would be too. It was just that simple. Nothing we could do would change that.

I see families together all the time where in most cases if the parents are overweight, the children follow suit. It is inevitable right? We inherited these genes.

I am here to tell you that in very few cases is this true! The reason we are overweight is not that we inherited some obese gene but that we inherited bad eating, nutrition and exercise habits...WOW! This revelation has just recently set me on the right path, and I need to share it with you.

There is HOPE my dear friend...YES!!!  I now look at myself and people differently. I empathize with them because I was once in that same place and felt that there was no way out. I didn’t know where to turn so I grudgingly had accepted my situation.

I tried all those different diets and gyms with very little support. So what happened? Ups and downs ultimately ending in failure.  

Thankfully, I am now on my journey of what I call HOPE and you can be too!  We don’t have to settle. We can make a change. With good nutrition and better eating habits along with regular exercise, we can break this chain and be a good example to others as well.

With a fitness and nutrition coach who is a wonderful, supportive advocate, she is helping me along my journey to better health. Her name is Coach Rebecca. She has shown me my strengths that I didn’t know I had, ways to combat past bad habits, and nutritional guidance. I cannot thank her enough!

It is not an easy road, and there will be some bumps along the way but it is so worth the trip!  I am already looking and feeling better and on my way to becoming a fitter me.

Please come join me...together I know we can do this!!!

Your friend, 
at The Fittest Me

Rebecca Boskovic