Booty Shorts #repost

I can't recall when I stopped feeling comfortable wearing shorts . . . but it probably coincided with the self-conscious teenage years. Sure, I still wore shorts for my soccer games . . . you know the baggy, down to your knees kind? But given the choice . . . I'd opt for pants or a long skirt.


Perhaps it was the style of the late-eighties.

Or, possibly I wanted to hide all those knee and shin bruises from soccer games.

But, truthfully it was something much bigger. It was a focal point. I'd begin thinking about it before the first signs of spring . . . and be concerned with it until the relief of fall time.

Was it the neighborhood boy's thunder thighs comment that I was trying to avoid? Or, was I simply trying to avoid any attention, good or bad. 

But this kind of avoidance behavior gets old . . . for us and for those who love us.


Fast forward 25+ years to my early 40s when I learned about this fitness movement called CrossFit. After just one class, I was sold . . . on the intensity, variety, and focus on strength. Six months after having my fourth child, I was ready to take back my body.

As I moved forward with my training, I began adjusting my eating towards balance.

  • My body transformed
  • My mindset improved
  • I embraced the strength gains.

And then this incredible thing happened. I became less and less preoccupied with hiding.

For what felt like the first time . . . getting stronger and feeling more fit were more compelling than remaining on the sidelines.

Casting aside any voices in my head telling me that wearing short shorts was for those much younger than myself, I began to embrace the muscles, physique, and power . . . loving that person I'd once turned my back on.


It's not easy to love those parts of ourselves that we once rejected.

But one thing I've noticed is that as we take better care of our health, it becomes easier.

Move towards the light and pick up those parts of yourself that you've dropped along the way. As you put yourself back together, I think you'll be pleased with how you feel: in your body; emotionally; as you look in the mirror.

And if you need help along the way, you know where to find me.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic