A Mind of Its Own

Perhaps you've heard the analogy . . . our will power over our urges (including our eating habits) is like the control a mahout has as he rides his elephant. No matter how hard he urges the elephant along the path, if it's hungry (or it wants to socialize with the herd), the elephant will stop. There's only so much prodding that will make a difference to the elephant. 

Likewise with our eating . . . although we feel like we should have total control, the truth is that our urges, habits, and hunger have minds of their own. 

Imagine you are that mahout and you need to be at point B in 15 minutes. Given the choice, would you choose a path through the tall brush, or a route that takes you alongside an elephant watering hole? No question, you'd choose the route with less distractions.

It's like that with food. If you really want to get to ______________ (fill in the blank with your eating goals), are you going to stock your pantry with foods that create constant desire? Or, are you going to limit the diversions and stock up on healthier ones?

Put your energy and attention into creating an environment that supports your goals not sabotages them. Likewise, get your family on board. If you explain to them how important reaching your goal is, they are more able to support you . . . and possibly even join you.

When I'm most successful with my eating, I feel incredible. I have tons of energy, I feel good about myself, and my workouts are really efficient. But the only way this happens is if I take the time and make the effort to create that environment.

Choose two things to change:

  1. Eliminate one unhealthy distraction.
  2. Add one healthy enticement.

Celebrate your success. It's real . . . and sets you on the path to a better life for you.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic