Personal Training

Are you interested in getting into shape?
Are you tired of being tired?
Do you feel unmotivated to go to the gym?
Do you think having accountability would help?

You know it's time to make a change, but how?

You wonder:

  • what if I’ve never exercised before?

  • what if I’ve tried exercise programs in the past, and they haven’t worked?

  • what if I’m self-conscious or uncomfortable?

  • what about my bad knees/back/shoulders?

These are all normal concerns.

Starting a new fitness program can be very intimidating . . .

especially if you feel less than your best.

Here are the answers:

  • Beginners are welcome! Whether you were a teen athlete that has lost her way, or a bookworm that never enjoyed breaking a sweat . . . getting in shape starts with you stepping through the door.

  • Our program is designed to ensure your success. We help you set attainable goals . . . and give you the steps to achieve them.

  • We are a private training studio for the non-gym goer, because we understand that getting fit is often best done in the quiet comfort of a 1:1 trainer:client dynamic. We provide just that.

  • In the case that you have prior injuries or are simply feeling the aches of overuse, we modify every workout to where you are on that day. We take into account your stress level, hours of sleep, quality of your diet, and any pains you are feeling . . . to give you an amazing workout that meets you where you are.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Schedule a 30-minute “No Sweat Intro” through the calendar below. Select a date and time that works for you.

  2. Come to your No Sweat Intro ready to discuss your goals. Depending on your needs, we will prescribe a course of action.

  3. You choose the path that works best for you.

  4. Find available training slots that are mutually beneficial.

  5. Get ready to feel stronger, happier, and more energetic. We coach, guide, and support you the whole way.

Options include:

  • Personal Training 1-5x/week to build strength, flexibility, and stamina

  • Homework to complement your training sessions

  • Nutrition Coaching for a lifetime of feeling better

  • Personal Accountability for those time sensitive goals.