Gentle and witty with a propensity towards exposing the ironies in life, Roger is an adored member of our Kids Unplugged class. On more than one occasion, upon entering class, he has asked: "what kind of movements are we doing today?" Then, without waiting for an answer, and with a straight face, he continues: ". . . as long as it doesn't involve dumbbells, kettle bells, presses, deadlifts, or wall balls, I'll be fine. Those are the movements that keep me up at night."  After that, he catches up with his friends, recites a scene from the favored musical, Hamilton, and gets into the paleo sit to go over our day's program.


Over the course of this year, among many accomplishments, he has:

  • held a six minute plank hold
  • improved his minute max setups from 25 to 35
  • increased his max bar hang from :41 to 1:15
  • got a toes-to-bar
  • achieved his first double-under

Here's my Q & A with this 10-year old, who has just finished 4th grade.

Q: What's your favorite subject? What do you like about it?  
A: Reading. We get to do fun projects. 

Q: What’s your least favorite subject? What don’t you like about it?
A: Social Studies. It’s very boring.

Q: If you gained superhero powers, what would they be…and how could you use them to make your life, those around you, or the world better?  
A: Invisibility and no one can hear me either. But to make lives better flying would be good. 

Q: If you had a money tree and enough rain and sun to keep it healthy, how would you spend it?
A: Probably just on stuff that I need and treat myself every once in awhile.

Q: Provided all opportunities possible, what’s your ideal adult career?  
A: YouTube 

Q: Since beginning our kids fitness classes, what do you feel best about?
A: Jumping rope

Q: What keeps you wanting to come to class again and again?  
A: Talking to friends

Q: What’s your current skill goal that you want to achieve?  
A: 2 double unders in a row. 

Q: If a friend was considering taking Kids in Motion, Kids Unplugged or Teens on the Move, why would you recommend they join?  
A: Doing it is fun and you get to meet people and you get stronger. 

Our class is better for having you in it Roger. Keep putting in the work and you'll get those double unders!

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic