Softness. Gentleness. Kindness.


Margie knows the name of every dog that is walked by her house.

She also knows the names of our postal workers, the UPS and FedEx delivery men, and those of her neighbors.

Indeed, she is the kind of person that makes for a good neighbor . . . observant enough to make sure nothing is amiss . . . and caring enough to shout after speeding cars (even when her kids are already grown).

A self-proclaimed lawn queen, she creates a meticulous view of her house, while being generous with her compliments about the lawns of those around her.

Over the past five months of training, Margie has become stronger and more confident . . . achievements gained through hours of various workouts that have met her where she is on any given day. Sometimes she has been game for rigorous and tough. Other times we’ve opted for slow and restorative. She has tested the limits of her deadlift and presses, and found ways to manage her tension and stress.

As a result, she walks taller.

And as is the case with those of us who experience pain . . . in our necks, backs, knees . . . she still has to be cautious and careful with her movements. Yet, she has become so self-aware, that she knows what kind of yard work she can handle, and what she should save for someone else. For example, when she is bending over or lifting something, she knows how to engage her glutes, hamstrings, and core to minimize any potential strains.

True fitness is an evolution, and Margie has transformed herself from living in near constant pain, to enjoying the benefits of some pain-free days and being able to enjoy doing the activities she loves. She has built strength, increased her range of motion, developed internal muscular structure, and learned stress reduction techniques.

Among the tough and hard working, Margie will always be welcome.

And for those who might believe they can’t . . . but hope they can . . . Margie, you are a light.

Thank you for being you.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic