Thoughtful and searching, with a core of resolute bravery . . . that's how I see Beth.


When we sat down to talk about her exercise journey, it became clear that what she values in her personal training at The Fittest Me goes well beyond the physical. 

Beth spoke so eloquently, her words are better left untouched.

"There's a huge spiritual and emotional component to working with The Fittest Me. There's an element of coming here that is hyper-distilled. You bring together the big picture of life. It's not just the exercise. And yet, you manage to distill all the challenges I face into one solution . . . exercise."

"There's an acknowledgement of

  • where you've been

  • where you are now

  • the potential for where you can go"

"I appreciate the time you take to get to know me and where I'm coming from."

"What I do in here informs the rest of my time . . . how I think and process stress . . . to help me take baby steps."


Change is difficult. Period.

Beth knows that, and is okay with the time and effort required to make peace with and resolve her outdated habits.

She also knows that with each new healthy habit she brings into her life, she is getting closer to realizing her truest self. 

That keeps her going.

Keep showing up and putting in the work, Beth. The ripple effects through your life will be felt not only by yourself, but also by those you care for and love.

Nice work.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic