There's a magical age . . . one where fun, in its purest form, is the aim. Lucy is this age. Although she doesn't always want to go along with what I've planned, as long as I have my A-game on as a coach, she's right there . . . balancing getting stronger with having fun.

Oh, the celebration when Lucy got her first rope climb!!!

Oh, the celebration when Lucy got her first rope climb!!!

After being with us for over seven months, Lucy has come a long way. Initially shying away from all things resembling work, she will now get the workout done . . . knowing the game is not too far behind.

Here's my Q&A with this fun spirited 7-1/2 year old, second grader:

Q: What's your favorite subject? What do you like about it?
A: Art because you get to draw whatever you like. 

Q: What’s your least favorite subject? What don’t you like about it?
A: Math, because it’s boring. 

Q: If you gained superhero powers, what would they be…and how could you use them to make your life, those around you, or the world better?
A: To fly and get lost balloons that fly away. That would make this kids happy and not make the birds choke. 

Q: If you had a money tree and enough rain and sun to keep it healthy, how would you spend it?
A: Send some of it to the poor and buy things for the poor. And maybe one thing for me. 

Q: Provided all opportunities possible, what’s your ideal adult career?
A: Teaching 2nd grade. 

Q: Since beginning our kids fitness classes, what do you feel best about?
A: The paleo sit challenge because I like it!

Q: What keeps you wanting to come to class again and again?
A: 1. to get stronger; 2. to have fun

Q: What’s your current skill goal that you want to achieve?
A: To get faster. 

Q: If a friend was considering taking Kids in Motion, Kids Unplugged or Teens on the Move, why would you recommend they join?
A: You can get stronger if you come to class. 

Always a joy to have in class, it is my pleasure to watch you improve, Lucy!

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic