Some spirits are not meant to be tamed. With a fierce determination that shines through with every endeavor she undertakes, Katherine is a force. Whether it is in her commitment to the values of kindness and fairness, or in how she ticks off her to-do list of making progress in the Kids In Motion class, she knows that some things simply have to be fought for.

To begin, Katherine has had to work very hard to develop her reading skills. Bookended by two older sisters and a younger brother who have come upon this skill with relative ease, she has learned from an early age that although fairness is important, equal-ness is not a guarantee in life. 

Katherine is my third born. And fortunately for her, she has found strength inside our gym that has become a source of success and confidence. Always interested in joining me for my workouts and having the chance to test her skills, she works through our Kid-Fit leveled standards to see how far she can go.

Some of her personal sources of pride within these walls:

  • Full rope climb
  • Two solid strict pull-ups (with a goal of five front and center in her mind)
  • Handstand holds agains the wall
  • A 500m Row
  • 25 Single Jump Ropes (up from 8 in a single class)
  • Perfect form pushups

At the age of 6, she has already accomplished more than I had before the age of 41. She understands what it takes to improve, is comfortable with setting goals, and can maintain a Growth Mindset when she falls short. She is well on the way to achieving the success she wants.

Thank you for reminding all of us that life really is about the process . . . where instead of goals being the end point, they act as targets to give us direction, and then jumping boards for achieving more.

- Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic