When I first met Susie, what stood out was her undeniable strength and ability to connect. Within five minutes of conversation we had sorted out our church affiliations and friends we held in common.  I knew that I would learn at least as much from her as she would me.


Here's my Q & A with Susie:

Q: What is your prior experience with exercise?
A: I always started the year out with a bang and ended with a fizzle.

Q: Why did you decide to start a new exercise program?
A: Nov 2017 my Niece Hilary approached me and said "you are in your 70s so get off your butt and start exercising and strength training".  That is the push I needed!

Q: What were some of the criteria for your decision of where to go?
A: Hilary pushed me in the direction of Rebecca!  She knew Rebecca from Cross Fit.

Q: What made you choose personal training at The Fittest Me over another program?
A: Hilary’s Christmas Gift to me was The Month of January with Rebecca.  She knew this would steer me in the right direction.  And It did!

Q: How do you see yourself having most improved since the beginning?
A: Sleeping better and more energy.

Q: What is one of your most important fitness goals?
A: To get off the floor without the help of a chair. This is a work in process.

Q: What do you enjoy the most with our program?
A: Rebecca is a great trainer, knowledgable and she knows the right buttons to push to make your hour of workout take you to the next level every time.

Q: Why would you recommend personal training at The Fittest Me to a friend?
A: Her dedication in making sure you reach your goals that you have set without pressure.

Grit, determination, with a bunch of sweet . . . that's Susie.

Alright . . . let's get to work.

- Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic