I'd like to introduce you to Beatrice . . . entrepeneur, mother of four grown children, and a life warrior. As moms often do, she has defined herself largely as a caretaker for the past 26 years. Mothers and active fathers understand how rewarding and exhausting this life of being available and responsible day in and day out can be. I recall meeting Bea for the first time while I was taking her measurements. When I asked her "what brings you here?", her reply was unhesitating and clear, "I'm a mom of four children...all now grown...and it's time to take care of me." Quick to laugh and smile, Bea is a light...bringing her positivity to each workout. Over the past nine months of working closely with her, I've noticed changes. When she started, I recall her barely being able to bend over . . . a hurt knee that needed to be protected so that she could hike the hills of Guatemala while visiting her mom . . . and her getting winded easily. Fast forward to today, and the progress she has made is noteworthy. She no longer has knee issues, (had a great, pain-free trip to Guatemala), can touch the floor when bending over, and can make it through a workout without feeling wiped out.

As for what Beatrice is looking for in all this? It's not to get thin. She has that taken care of . . . partly in thanks to her dog grooming business of 500+ clients to boot. Instead she gets a rush from what exercise does for her soul . . . to be independent, mentally and physically strong, and to get to the next level of her pushups and pull-ups. She likes to know that she can do it. What she doesn't want? . . . to be that person who gave up. 

When people ask her why she drives 30 minutes to work with me instead of going to the box around the corner, her reply? "Working with Rebecca is comfortable. And I feel better each time I finish a workout." So, Bea charges forward, getting stronger, tougher, meaner, and leaner...fighting to carve out the life she wants.

Rebecca Boskovic