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We're all storytellers.

In our minds, in our memories, in our words, in our actions . . . we are always telling a story.

Can you recall the first time you realized that you could change the course of your sleeping dreams . . . especially the scary ones? Whether by standing up to the fear, figuring out how to escape it, or simply waking up . . . you learned that "it's only a dream".

Likewise, can you recall the first time you realized that you could make a choice about something that felt outside of your control? Swiftly, a shift took place inside your mind . . . and what was once a threat, was now benign and peripheral.

We choose our storylines. We make those decisions. We chart our life's course.

With that knowledge in hand, we can open our eyes (perhaps for the first time), and wake up to this gift we've been given called life.

Genetics aside, we have the power to influence our longevity. With our current human potential to live past 100 years, we can't just live minute by minute. We need to take action to build a life that will take us past the finish line.

What story are you telling yourself? Is it one of:

  • empowerment?
  • hopefulness?
  • mentorship?
  • success?

If not . . . then why not?

Life can happen to us. But what we tell ourselves about it is in our hands.

Write your story with you in the center. You're the protagonist. You are the influencer.

Be like Robi and introduce a plot twist to change your life from "impossible" to "I'm beautiful".

Be like Cindy and write in an adventure to face and conquer your fears.

Be like Alicia and fight your way out of the cancer storm and be stronger for it.

I believe in the transformative power of exercise. If your story includes it, then you already know.

If you haven't discovered how exercise can build you up, come find out. Start a new adventure. Shake up your plot. Be the hero in your story.

-Coach Rebecca


Rebecca Boskovic