This is the story of those who are holding onto hope and of those who lost it. 

The holidays are upon us...and we're in the dark days of winter. This is the season when I most value a kind gesture, quick smile, and bright laugh. The truth is that living life is painful...not just when something blatantly bad happens...but when there's an accumulation of smaller crappy events that start to weigh you down.

The most effective ways of dealing with these stressors are:

  1. Move. Yes...move. Exercise. Reset your brain.
  2. Practice kind honesty. Start small. Speak some truth that will take a pebble, stone, rock, or boulder off your back. Set it free.
  3. Give of yourself freely. Be more generous than is necessary...and don't look for anything in return. Loving kindness is the fastest route to letting go of grievances....and the quickest way to spread out your web.

The bigger your web/net...the less painful will be your falls.

And no matter how dark your days get, remember that every cloud will pass . . . and there is plenty of support available.

Some resources:

[To support vets and first responders through Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, check out SheepDogIA.org]

[If you need help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255]


Rebecca Boskovic