Arrived Safely

The 12 hour drive gave me the opportunity to listen to: “Flow”, as well as half of “Don’t Split the Difference”. Flow was fascinating and only slightly actionable. Don’t Split is filled with one actionable item after another…and I’m looking forward to taking notes while not driving.

The drive also gave me the chance to face fears of: being simultaneously boxed in F&B/R&L by semis—all of us collectively buzzing along at 70mph; having cars nearly brush my bumper as they changed lanes; and the never fun extra long, low lying bridge with two lanes and no shoulder (which puts me right at the edge of a panic attack…where I have to coach myself on keeping focused as I do deep and slow breathing). I’m grateful to have arrived safely.


Order of business no.1 is to find a place to live. I toured one apartment complex. It is $200/mo. over my budget…but might be my best bet b/c I’m looking for a short term lease….and most other places don’t offer them.

In seeing their gym/yoga/spin/outside workout spaces, I figured it was worth asking if me doing personal training was an option. It was favorably received…to get the workout space used more…and they even suggested me lead one of their bi-monthly social get-togethers. In their words: “you go make your money”.

This could have solved one of my early dilemmas…where do I train clients until I can lease space.

In the meantime, thanks to Brandon Brigman’s connection and reference of a local realtor, I have a place to stay…in her home. Southern hospitality is real. When she offered for me to stay (until I’d found an apartment), I said that I didn’t want to impose. Her reply: “Impose!”


My first business step involves getting into a flow state while using sticky notes and a large white wall in my room.

Rebecca Boskovic