A Call to Parents


One of my earliest memories is of a vow I made to my mother that I would some day grow up to take care of her. In my young child-like mind, it was simply a matter of becoming something . . . a doctor perhaps . . . that would erase her discomfort and pain. My imagination took me to a place where she would no longer have migraines . . . no longer have rheumatoid arthritis . . . no longer suffer from chronic depression . . . no longer have pain from her mastectomy . . . and no longer deal with the symptoms of central nervous system lupus. Yet, her lupus coupled with the stress of severe familial strife had different plans . . . and she died prematurely.

Yet despite it all, when possible, she made valiant attempts at healthy living: went to a health spa and lost weight (though gained it back within six months); took up running (but had to quit after suffering from a ski accident); and studied up on healthy eating (though her efforts were frequently sabotaged by daily stress and raising a family on her own).

What my mom lacked was a mentor, a coach, a supporter . . . someone to notice when she'd fallen, and be there to offer a hand to get back up. She was a fighter without a doubt. But she wasn't invincible. And when life knocks you down again and again, it helps to have someone in your corner telling you to get back in the ring.

I'm now in the position to help other parents and grandparents who need a mentor to stay on track.

What I can offer as your health mentor:

  • have you in here 1 - 5x/week to reset your brain and body with exercise
  • monitor your mobility to help minimize your injury
  • improve your strength so that you can do the things you love
  • review food habits and help set goals

One of the most important gifts you can give to your child (whether young or grown) is to take care of yourself. In fact, it's more than a gift . . . it's your responsibility.

Join me. Let's share the common cause to improve your longevity . . . and create a legacy of health that continues in your family for generations to come.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic