The Fittest Me

Personal training for the emotionally sensitive.

Diagnosed with depression from her early teens, Rebecca Boskovic understands the unique life journey of someone dealing with mental illness. Through high quality psychiatric care, proper prescription of medication, and a commitment to daily exercise, she has personally benefitted from the super boosting power of combining all three therapies as part of her mental health regimen. 


In hopes of sharing the benefits of exercise, she has become a personal trainer . . . and is now committed to helping others who suffer from anxiety, depression, trauma, are in recovery, or deal with other sensitivities. Working out of the low-pressure environment of her fully equipped, clean, and heated garage gym, she works with clients one-on-one as well as in small groups. With personalized attention, she uses a more gentle approach than found in typical gyms, to help people pass through the thresholds of high heart rates (as in the case of those dealing with anxiety) as well as to increase the affect to get results (as in the care of the depressive). 

It is her expressed wish to be a resource to general internists, family practitioners, and psychiatrists, as well as psychologists and social workers, where the life-altering benefits of exercise can be included as part of a patient's care. 

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