December Test Challenge Squats

In the month of December we are running a Fitness Challenge as a Test for upcoming monthly challenges.
By participating, you help ensure the success of future events.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who: This challenge is for all current members of The Fittest Me between the ages of 3 - 103, and their families.

What: This is a squat challenge that involves both initial baseline and final wrap-up assessments. In the days between, there will be a daily challenge for you to view. All you need to do is send us a video of you doing the challenge so that we know it was done.

What else: And by participating, you'll get some cool Tenzi dice of your own (or a big hug from me as thanks.)

When: This Test Challenge takes place beginning December 2nd and goes through December 9th.

Where: The whole challenge can be done from your home. If you are interested in doing the initial and final assessments with us, the kick-off and wrap-up sessions will be held here at our gym: 402 E Evergreen St. in Wheaton.

Why: If we are not actively working towards getting stronger, we're getting weaker. By participating, you are increasing your strength and endurance, while improving your form. [Besides . . . you're really helping me out by doing the challenge and giving me feedback.]

How: To participate, simply enter your email below. We'll get you signed up . . . and send you the link to the standards video.


Enter your email address below to get signed-up and to receive the video link with the standards.