The Beginner

Image credit:  Proofquick

Image credit: Proofquick

Dear J.,

We've never met in person . . . and only spoken together once on the phone.

I can hear how hard of a worker you are . . . and that making time for yourself is difficult.

Twice you've had to cancel our No Sweat Intro. Life has gotten in the way.

Although I don't know all the reasons . . . I can take a stab at a few. Why? Because I was a beginner once.

There was a time when:

  • I had exercise anxiety (ok . . . well, I still sometimes do).
  • I didn't want someone to watch me sweat and get beet red in the face.
  • I worried that I'd be asked to do something that I couldn't do.
  • I thought I'd look foolish not learning a skill as quickly as I'd like.
  • I worried that this would work for everyone else, but not me.

But you know what? I walked through that door and gave it a try.

  • No one laughed at me.
  • I made showing up my goal, and achieved it more times than not.
  • I learned new skills little by little . . . just like everyone who came before me.
  • And I got stronger, leaner, and meaner . . . just by putting in the time.

Don't let the fear stop you. That's just your brain wanting to keep the status quo.

It might feel safe . . . but remaining on the sidelines won't help you achieve your goals.

Jump into the game. Have fun. Put in the work. See the results.

Hope to see you in here soon.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic