Your Why

In a Google search for "Benefits of Exercise", about 658,000,000 results were returned.

Of those, do many restate the standard "exercise is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as your relationships, quality of life, and longevity . . . all while reducing your risks for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes"?

My guess is Yes . . .(at least that's what crosses my information feeds).

And although there are controversial perspectives on what types of exercises are most beneficial or how much is enough,  I doubt that many would argue against the fact that moving our bodies through space is better than sitting around.


Q: That said, if we all know that exercise is important . . . why don't we just do it? 

A: Because we don't know our true Why?

In that case, what is yours?

Although there's probably a hierarchy

of most noble . . .

to most base reasons to get us off the couch . . .

the only important reason is the one that works.

So, get honest . . . and figure out what really makes you tick.

What do you want?

"I want to . . .

  • feel good in my own skin
  • fit into skinny jeans
  • be able to hike with my family
  • stay out of the nursing home
  • look younger than my years
  • feel attractive
  • save money on healthcare 
  • be stronger than I ever thought possible
  • prove the world wrong
  • prevent premature death
  • be a strong role model for my children"

The closer you get to your true Why . . . the more likely you are to reach your goal.

And as long as you are going towards something, there really isn't any wrong reason.

Choose competition. 

Choose health.

Choose vanity.

Choose longevity.

Choose love.

Choose your family.

Choose how it makes you feel.


[There's one caveat: you don't get to choose self-hate. If that's the only reason you can come up with, get some professional help to get past that. It's a no-thru street.]

Ok . . . now go figure it out.

Oh, yes . . . and by the way, if you think that you should wait to get moving until you get your Why perfectly set up . . . that's not how it works.

Instead, it is a process.

Choose a reason.

Does it hold your attention? Keep doing it.

Did you lose interest? Try something else.


And then choose again.

And keep returning to that well until it is dry.

Then find a new one.

And choose it.

Humans are not inherently lazy . . . and nor are you.

Keep digging until you hit water.

Now, drink up.

Your WHY = Your LIFE

It sustains you.

Choose it.

And if you need help, set up a No Sweat Intro, and we'll figure it out together.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic