We live in a culture of excess and deprivation . . . seeing one as the cure to the other. I wonder though if they aren't more similar to pouring kerosene on fire over and over in a harried attempt to keep the fire lit? Yet if you took the time to look before going for another round, you'd realize that the fuel was long gone.

What if, instead, all you had to do was reach over and grab a log? And instead of a pyrotechnic display, you had an even glow to last for hours?

The one is based in fear of scarcity while the other is built upon trust of abundance.

I recently spoke with a prospective client about helping them deal with a life of inconsistent eating patterns. Based on my own experience and the evidence all around us, it is easy to believe that the only way to lose weight and reign in the daily food excess is through deprivation. More accurately . . . deprivation and control. We tell ourselves that if only we could control our quantities, control our impulses, handle that emptiness that accompanies deprivation . . . we'd be fine. Perhaps this is what he'd envisioned in coming to talk to me. 

But that's not what I prescribed. Instead, I told him that in addition to the daily support and the food habits sessions, the first thing we'd tackle was to embrace abundance.

Was that what killed his interest and motivation? I don't know . . . but after some consideration, he decided to not go forward.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I listen to my hunger and full signals and I don't limit what I eat. My only parameters are this: the foods I eat are 90%+ plant based and are whole . . . and the other 10% can come from non-processed animal based foods. As long as my meal includes some combination of a whole grain/starch, legumes, leafy or cruciferous vegetables, fruit, and nuts/seeds . . . I let myself eat until satiated. It's liberating to say the least.  [This has been termed being a "Whole Foodie". That works for me.]

First consider whether excess and abundance are one and the same. Then ask yourself if you're ready to set down the kerosene.

If you are . . . even if just to try it as an experiment . . . then you're a good candidate for our February Smart-Fit Food Habits Challenge.

It is my most sincere hope that anyone who has lived within the prison of all-or-nothing eating patterns would try a way of eating that is only limited by the high quality of food you're allowing into your body. #nomoredeprivationforme

Please come visit me to talk about your fitness goals. My door is open and I'm ready to help you write the life story you really want.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic