The Wait

Consider this scenario:
A new car release is on the horizon, and it's going to be everything you've ever wanted from a set of wheels: smooth, sexy, comfortable, and affordable.

The condition? You have to wait a year before driving it home.

Why the wait? Because it's tailored to you: your tastes; your physique; your moods; and your driving style. To achieve this, on a daily basis for a whole year, you will be measured, tested, and assessed . . . to ensure your driving experience is completely unique.

Oh, yes . . . and to ensure a perfect fit, you'll get to sit in the car on a weekly basis, and take it for a monthly test drive.

Would you do it?

Affordable. Comfortable. Smooth. Sexy.

Seriously, what's not to like? The only downside is delayed gratification.

Well, let's consider your other options? One competitor is selling a model that's sexy, but uncomfortable. Another maker offers a ride that's smooth, but the reviews say that it frequently breaks down and drains the pocketbook. The final alternative is a knock-off of the tailored choice . . . and although it's not very comfortable, has only four cylinders and poor shock absorbers, and is no where near as sexy as you'd like . . . you can drive it home today with no money down.

The promise of sexy and smooth with deep flaws? The status quo that never satisfies?

Or, the real deal . . . designed just for you . . . but takes time.

The scenario is not that far fetched as an allegory of our health. By taking small, incremental steps over 365 days to eat mainly whole foods, incorporate a strength and conditioning regimen, and manage your stress, your investment of time and money would pay itself back many times over with visible results, improved strength, and increased confidence and life satisfaction.

If you choose, however, to get caught up in easy fixes that evaporate when the subscription ends, you are left no better off at the end than when you began.

The choice is yours. Pay now in effort, mindset improvement, and habit formations so that you can achieve your goals . . . or, buy the promise of quick results that leave you with a credit card bill for air and sand.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic