Instead of the requisite parking lot practice most 15-year olds experience, my first driving memories began as a ten year old, in a Colorado field, on an old army jeep, with phone books stacked behind me so that I could reach the pedals. It was so exciting . . . a real-life version of a video game where I had to get from point A to point B without hitting hay stacks, nor get stuck in mud, and stay away from those cows! On top of all that, I had to make sure to not strip the gears or stall from letting the clutch out too soon.

All those obstacles aside . . . nothing was more threatening than a ditch. Without power steering, with the ground bouncing me along in an almost zig zag manner, as the path narrowed to bring me alongside the irrigated pathways, my ten year old arm strength was no match for the fluted edges of the sun baked and cracked ditches. Those well-worn paths . . . re-grooved year after year from gravity pulling the water from it's source . . . were simply too strong.

When we want to create a new habit, to think that we are strong enough to immediately overpower our well-worn ditches, is foolhardy and sets us up for failure.

This is why we all can benefit from a coach . . . fitness, life, business or otherwise . . . because those ditches from our past are constantly trying to pull us back onto their tracks.  Those grooves are what prevent us from forging new unworn paths that will take us to a better place . . . one with shade trees and fruit to enjoy.

You know which ditches are keeping you from pursuing the life you want. Find the person who will give you the extra strength and support you need to get you there.

- Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic