Let's Talk Moods

Have you ever caught yourself writing or talking about something...always trying to communicate one thing...only to realize that you've never actually written or said what you intended?

Well, here it is: I am passionate about exercise precisely because I know it has the power to transform a person's life from:

  • isolation to engagement
  • depression to clarity
  • anxiety to calm
  • powerlessness to empowered
  • learned helplessness to self-reliance

Diagnosed with depression at the age of 14, I've moved along the continuum of all these states of being for three decades. 

What I've learned is that:

  • I'm always better off when I'm exercising regularly
  • my exercise experience is enhanced with a guide by my side
  • I can move from helpless to hopeful in the matter of hours with a good workout
  • people who deal with anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders, require physically and psychologically safe environments in order to progress

Truth is, there are thousands of athletes, trainers, and coaches who can guide you through an exercise regimen. But especially for those with psychological vulnerabilities, the coach-trainee relationship has to be a good fit. Set yourself up for success by choosing a coach who is skilled enough to ask more of you than you can of yourself while remaining sensitive to your particular needs.

Above all else...get moving. A life filled with anxiety or depression is a self-protective one...achieved through inaction and disengagement. By moving your body while anxious and depressed, you rewire your brain from being a victim of circumstances to being an agent of change.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic