Inside Out

Is it possible that thinking of exercise in terms of how it shapes our body or keeps our blood pumping might be missing the real WHY?

For as much as we know that we should follow the health directives of our doctor, and as much as we yearn for that toned, youthful look, are these reasons enough to spur us into action again and again, day after day?

For most of us, no. Truth is, as much as we want to look good, we don't live our lives from the outside in. We see and interact with the world from the inside out. And as much as an increased life span sounds like a capital idea, those far off rewards are rarely compelling on a day to day basis.

I believe that the real benefit of exercise resides in how it affects our brains.

Regular exercise, especially of the high intensity, varied, complex movement sort, has the power to transform our minds. Clearer thinking, reduced anxiety and depression, lower stress levels, and increased cognitive functioning are the benefits.

Is it possible that these are the real "whys"?

I believe that exercise makes for a better life . . . not in terms of how the world see us . . . but in terms of how we see the world.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic